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Transforming Literary PlacesArt Exhibition

The exhibition features visual, aural, audiovisual, and interactive installations of international artists, including illustrations, interactive narratives, and virtual reality experiences.

Artists reinterpret in their selected medium a place born in the context of a literary text, being it Alice’s Wonderland or Robert Frost’s woods. Artists re-imagine the locations through their work, bringing to the fore their own interpretation of the literary place of their choice, choosing what emotions to express, what to emphasise, what to add and what to change. In the exhibition, literary locations come to life in entirely novel, unexpected fashions.

The exhibition is part of Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture programme.


Transforming Literary Places was reported in the Radio Classics broadcasting Delta by the Estonian national broadcasting agency ERR:



Dr. Francesca Arnavas’ article “Ime ja keskkond” (Wonder and the Environment) on the exhibition Waters of Hypoxic Slime and Tropic Lime at Kogo Gallery for Sirp Eesti Kulturileht: Published in English in the website of the Gallery:


Dr. Francesca Arnavas’ speech “For a ‘non practical’ future” and PhD student Mattia Bellini speech “Listen to researchers!” at the Embassy of Utopia during the literary festival Prima Vista 2023: (Photo: Jan Teevet)


Dr. Francesca Arnavas’ article “Mis juhtub pärast kriisi?” (What happens after the crisis?) on the Future project and Futures article for Sirp Eesti Kulturileht:


Report on the Letters from the Future project and Futures article, published in the University of Tartu Research News section.
Read it in English:
Read it in Estonian:


Prof. M. Grishakova’s interview to the Kuku Raadio broadcast Behind the Six Pillars on the international research project “Letters from the Future” coordinated by the University of Twente.  Link:


Mattia Bellini’s interview for the Estonian Research Council on the participation in a COST Action:


Mattia Bellini’s interview for the News section of the INDCOR website, on a brainstorming technique to gather information from a large number of researchers:


Siim Sorokin’s interview to the Vikerraadio broadcast Labor on his PhD study of the TV series Breaking Bad. Link: